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The Holy Land – April 17, 2018

Many of you have been asking me, “When are you going to the Holy Land again?” Well, this is it. It’s less than six months away, but you can still come along. I have said many times that if there was only one trip you could afford as a Christian, a trip to the land of Jesus would be the one to take. Come with me for a very memorable and inspiring life changing faith experience. Once you have been to the Holy Land you will never read the Bible in the same way. You will actually see Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and lots more. When you are in your church on Christmas and Easter you will hear these places mentioned and you will see them in your mind because you visited them. It is an experience I would wish on any Christian.

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee
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You can fly from whatever airport is nearest to you. Educational Opportunities will make all the arrangements. Many of us will fly out of Los Angeles. But we will all meet in Tel Aviv and ride by bus to Netanya. You will get a good night’s rest after an international flight and begin touring on April 19. You will sit in the restored theater in Caesarea. You will see the aqueduct that Herod built to bring water to the city he named after Caesar. Caesarea was one of Herod’s many building projects.
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In Nazareth you will visit the largest Christian Church in the Middle East – The Church of the Annunciation. It is built over the traditional spot where Mary received the news she would conceive a child through the Holy Spirit. A word about traditional versus authentic. A traditional spot is where we think something may have happened, but we are not sure. Authentic is the real place where something happened.
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The Sea of Galilee is authentic. It’s the very same place where Jesus walked on the water and fished with the disciples. We will have a boat ride and a memorable devotional moment on the lake.
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We go north to Tel Dan and the Golan Heights area and Caesarea Philippi where Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” Interestingly, it was a pagan worship center where Jesus posed this question. We also visit the Jordan River to remember Jesus’ baptism. We will have a time of worship to affirm our baptism and give thanks that we belong to God.
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Beside the Sea of Galilee is Capernaum, where Jesus taught in the synagogue and performed many miracles. The 4th century synagogue was built on top of the 1st century synagogue of Jesus’ day.
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We will visit the area of Samaria. In the six previous times I have been to the Holy Land I have not had a chance to see Mt. Ebal, Mt. Gerizim, Nablus or Jacob’s Well. The well is where Jesus met the Samaritan woman in John 4. We end the day at Beth Shean which is the number one archeological site in the Holy Land. It gives you a glimpse into an impressive Roman City.
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Our final days will be spent in the southern part of the Holy Land. It was Jericho where a little tax collector named Zaccheus met Jesus and his life was forever changed. Qumran is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 giving us the oldest copy of the Old Testament. For 2000 years Scripture texts were preserved in clay jars in the dry desert heat.
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You can ascend to the top of Masada in a cable car or hike up the mountain. It’s an authentic site of one of Herod’s palaces and the place where the Zealots fled for 3 years while the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Today it is the site where all Jewish soldiers are sworn in to their military service.
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You will have an opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea, an experience I highly recommend. It is impossible to sink because of the high mineral content. I promise you will float like a cork. You can stand in the water without moving your arms and legs and you will float. Many smear the mud on their skin. You can even buy Dead Sea beauty products.
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Then there is Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born. The traditional spot is a cave on which the Church of the Nativity was first built in 330 A.D by Emperor Constantine’s mother, Helena. She returned to the Holy Land and constructed a number of churches to remember special moments in Jesus’ life.
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At the top of a mountain Herod built another one of his luxurious palaces and called it the Herodian. Just 10 years ago archeologists discovered it is where Herod is buried. We will also visit the Yad Vashem, the Jewish Holocaust museum. At the end of the day we visit the Israel Museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept. We will also see the model of Jerusalem in the year 68 A. D. that will help you put things into perspective. It certainly helped me.
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Oh my! There are still two more days to go! Now we spend time in Jerusalem. You will walk downhill from the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane. Yes! And you will pray at the Western Wall, the most holy spot in the world for Jewish people. These moments will be treasured memories.
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You will sit on the Teaching Steps beside the Temple area where Jesus taught disciples.
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The final day of the basic tour includes a walk through ancient Jerusalem on the Via Dolorosa, the traditional path where Jesus carried his cross to Calvary. It concludes at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. Helena, Constantine’s mother, had this church built as well. It’s built over Golgotha.
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But another place we will visit will be what is called the Garden Tomb. It is an authentic 1st century tomb, but whether it is the tomb of Jesus we don’t know. Yet the point is that Jesus has risen. He is not here. We have a risen Savior.
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This is only a fraction of what you will see on this extraordinary pilgrimage as you walk in the footsteps of Jesus. I hope you can join Susan and me for this travel experience. We would love to help this dream come true for you. This is my 22nd consecutive year of international travel with Educational Opportunities Tours. I’ve been photographing and filming for them for 17 years. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I would wish this trip on any Christian. It is so enriching to one’s faith. I’ve said many times that it takes 3 things to do these international trips:
  • Money, of course. Some of you have been blessed in this way.
  • But also Time
  • And Health (There is plenty of action. You will be walking in many places.)
    If you have these three things, you are a candidate for coming on a great adventure. It may make the top 10 experiences of your life. I love taking people to the land where Jesus lived while He was on earth. Susan and I have learned that it is not only what we see, but also who we see it with that makes a trip special. Come with us. I invite you to become part of our travel family.
    And maybe you want to hike with me on the optional extension. This is a new thing EO is offering. It’s about 25 miles. A hike from Nazareth to Capernaum! I’m doing this! What a memory!
    Here are the details for the cost:
3,998 Basic tour from New York includes a lot: We have a professional guide from Israel and often a bus driver from Palestine. Two full meals a day (breakfast and dinner). Lunch is extra. Admissions to all places we go. International flight. Very nice buses. Very nice hotels.

398 Domestic air from Los Angeles (Price is determined from your nearest airport). 898 Hike from Nazareth to Capernaum beside the Sea of Galilee.
549 Travel insurance (optional – But I’ve seen people have an accident)

5,843 Total with hike 4,945 Total without hike
Plus whatever gifts or souvenirs you wish to purchase.
If you have questions, please call or write. I can be reached at: Cell 805-264-5959
Let’s have a great adventure, Your tour host, Carl Nielsen